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TARGET Helsinki

TARGET Helsinki is a multidisciplinary ensemble that takes an innovative and open-minded approach to bringing contemporary dance and visual arts into new environments. TARGET promotes dance art to new audiences and spaces outside traditional theatre stages. In addition to live performances on and off stage, TARGET Helsinki utilizes digital platforms in presenting their art work and aims to clear space for art practice on social media.

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TARGET Ensemble


Elina Häyrynen is a contemporary dancer based in Finland. She studied in Amsterdam University of the Arts and in The Theatre Academy of Helsinki (MA in Dance 2009). Elina has worked for 15 years freelancing with various choreographers and internationally acclaimed dance companies. She is also one of the founding members and artistic directors of dance company Off/Balance in Central Finland.


Natasha Lommi is a Helsinki based contemporary dancer. She graduated from DOCH, Stockholm and from the Theater Academy of Helsinki in 2007. Natasha has worked as a dance artist for 15 years in many acclaimed Helsinki based dance companies. She has also done choreographic work in a variety of productions, such as opera, new circus, installations and with music artists. Natasha has a true love for teaching.


Noora Geagea is a visual artist originally from Helsinki, Finland. Her background is versatile, ranging from dance practice to camera assisting in feature films. She received an MA Photography degree from LCF, University of the Arts London in 2009 and has since exhibited her works extensively in galleries and museums across Finland and abroad over the years.


Kaisu Hölttä is a Helsinki based makeup and hair artist and stylist. She has also worked many years as a professional dancer after graduating from the Theater Academy of Helsinki in 1999. These days she is mainly focused on working in the film and television industry but always ready to jump into the adventures of the artworld. Kaisu was nominated for a Jussi-award for the best makeup design in 2019.


Janne Hast is a Helsinki based musician and sound designer. He graduated as a musician/music technician from Pori's Palmgren Conservatory in 2003 and a Master of Theatre Arts from the Theatre Academy of Helsinki, department of Light and Sound Design in 2009 and has worked as a freelancer in various bands as well as numerous theater, dance and contemporary circus productions.


Josu Mämmi is a freelance sound designer, musician, producer, composer and DJ based in Helsinki. His projects include regular music releases, multiple contemporary dance pieces, sample libraries, various bands, ad campaigns and short movie projects. From 2020 onwards, he has taught music technology and musical expression in Turku Conservatory of Music.

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